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Rohin Dharmakumar

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When we launched The Ken in October 2016 as the first digital-only subscription product for business news in India, many critics and cynics had passed us off as a fad that would peter out in less than a year. Indians in general wouldn’t pay for subscriptions and more so for content, and the few that might, would be too small a number.

18 months later, not only has The Ken survived, we have gone far beyond that.

In April 2018 The Ken turned profitable.

Amber Joy Powell on April 25, 2018
Reuben A. Buford May and Pat Rubio Goldsmith, “Dress Codes and Racial Discrimination in Urban Nightclubs,” , 2018

Whether we wear stilettos or flats, jeans or dress clothes, our clothing can allow or deny us access to certain social spaces, like a nightclub. Yet, institutional dress codes that dictate who can and cannot wear certain items of clothing target some marginalized communities more than others. For example, recent reports of bouncers denying Blacks from nightclubs prompted ADRIANA Hiker Ankle Boots Black Asos hOVpCn
and Pat Rubio Goldsmith to test whether urban nightclubs in Texas deny entrance for Black and Latino men through discriminatory dress code policies.

Overall, Black men encountered more discriminatory experiences from nightclub bouncers, highlighting how institutions continue to police Black bodies through seemingly race-neutral rules and regulations.

The authors recruited six men between the ages of 21 and 23. They selected three pairs of men by race — White, Black, and Latino — to attend 53 urban nightclubs in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Each pair shared similar racial, socioeconomic, and physical characteristics. One individual from each pair dressed as a “conformist,” wearing Ralph Lauren polos, casual shoes, and nice jeans that adhered to the club’s dress code. The other individual dressed in stereotypically urban dress, wearing “sneakers, blue jean pants, colored T-shirt, hoodie, and a long necklace with a medallion.” The authors categorized an interaction as discrimination if a bouncer denied a patron entrance based on his dress or if the bouncer enforced particular dress code rules, such as telling a patron to tuck in their necklace. Each pair attended the same nightclub at peak hours three to ten minutes apart. The researchers exchanged text messages with each pair to document any denials or accommodations. Overall, Black men encountered more discriminatory experiences from nightclub bouncers, highlighting how institutions continue to police Black bodies through seemingly race-neutral rules and regulations.

Black men were denied entrance into nightclubs 11.3 percent of the time (six times), while White and Latino men were both denied entry 5.7 percent of the time (three times). Bouncers claimed the Black patrons were denied entry because of their clothing, despite allowing similarly dressed White and Latino men to enter. Even when bouncers did not deny entrance, they demanded that patrons tuck in their necklaces to accommodate nightclub policy. This occurred two times for Black men, three times for Latino men, and one time for White men. Overall, Black men encountered more discriminatory experiences from nightclub bouncers, highlighting how institutions continue to police Black bodies through seemingly race-neutral rules and regulations.

Indiana University Indiana University IU

Background checks options and FAQs

Indiana University provides Programs Involving Children (PIC) with two different options in order to fulfill the background check requirements asstated inthe PIC (PS-01) policy.


Background checks processed through GIS must be paid for and processed through an IU department/unit's account. All university employees must obtain a background check through the university’s vendor, GIS, for the purpose of programs involving children.

GIS may be used to process volunteer and student background checks,if an IU account will be used to pay the cost. If non-employed students or volunteersare processed through GIS the department must pay for the check initially but may, if the department or program determines it necessary, have the individual reimburse the department.

Additional information and questions concerning GIS can be foundhere: University Human Resources .

Departments/programs have the ability to make individual volunteers and students responsible for processing and paying for their own checks using Employeeshowever, cannot be processed through

IU has an agreement with to provide a special price and package, allowing programs to comply with the PIC policy and defer some program costs to the volunteers.It is important to use the provided URL, background checks not processed throughthis URLwill not meet university standards.

Oncea check is submitted by the volunteer/student it will be processed by and adjudicated by the IU Office of Public Safety. Departments and program supervisors cannot initiate or monitor background checks through

IU Access

How long does it take to process a background check? Who is responsible for ensuring all background checks are up to date in accordance with the PIC policy? Is there a list of other companies from whom the university will accept background checks if an employee or volunteer has already completed one within the last five years? An outside organization is requesting to see background check information performed on volunteers, how do they get this information? Will students working with minors be required to have a background check? Will volunteers need background checks? I have international students or individuals participating in my program involving children, do I need to run background checks on them?
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